July 29th’s Scorching Past

Hot day 2009

Three years ago today, we would have killed for a high of 73.

Instead, we got 103.

That’s right, it’s been three years since the hottest day in Seattle history.

With a high temperature of 103 degrees at Sea-Tac, July 29, 2009—sandwiched between a 97-degree reading on the 28th and a 96-degree mark on the 30th—easily broke the previous record high of 100 degrees. Remarkably, the day proved to be even hotter elsewhere in the city, with both Boeing Field and the National Weather Service office in North Seattle reaching 105 degrees.

Suddenly, three years down the road, today’s below-average high of 73 sounds pretty good.

Our cool, pleasant conditions will continue for the near future, with the morning marine layer yielding to afternoon sunshine the next several days. Tomorrow, the morning clouds look to be a bit more extensive than today; as a result, skies will remain overcast until later in the afternoon. High temperatures will drop to 70 degrees.

Tuesday and Wednesday look slightly warmer, with highs inching back toward the mid 70s. Morning cloud cover, however, should prevent either day from reaching midsummer’s average high of 77 degrees.

After a similar day on Thursday, the weather takes a turn for the warm on Friday and Saturday, with temperatures approaching 80 degrees. Early indications are that Saturday’s highs could top out in the low 80s—perhaps matching the record high for the year of 83.

83 degrees? The Seattle of July 2009 would have barely cracked a sweat.