Warmer Weather Coming Tomorrow—And This Weekend

Ah, to be above normal again.

After an endless stretch of cool weather—in the past two weeks, Seattle has only recorded one day with a warmer-than-average high—more June-like temperatures are in store for tomorrow. An upper level ridge will cross the state during the day, leading to sunshine and temperatures in the lower 70s—a few degrees above the average June 11 high of 69.

High clouds over Seattle
Some high clouds might move over Seattle later in the day tomorrow, but sunshine and warm temperatures will be the rule of thumb.

As is often the case in late spring and early summer, clouds will be lurking close by—the coast will be blanketed in gray tomorrow morning, and areas as far east as Shelton will wake up to mostly cloudy skies. The Puget Sound region, however, should remain cloud-free through the morning and early afternoon hours. Mid and high-level clouds may increase later in the afternoon, ahead of a weak front approaching the coast, filtering the sunshine just a bit. Regardless, Monday will end up pleasant and on the sunny side.

Unfortunately, our venture into above normal territory will be brief. Early Tuesday morning, what’s left of the front will move through the area, leaving us with clouds and light rain showers. Temperatures will fall back to the mid-60s—otherise known as below average. Sound familiar?

The cooler weather sticks around Wednesday and Thursday, as extensive morning clouds keep a lid on our temperatures. At the least, rain chances will diminish as we get closer to Friday. Sunbreaks are also likely during the latter half of the week, once the clouds burn off.

A peek ahead at Father’s Day weekend offers a little more hope for warmer weather. The jet stream is forecast to move to the north of Western Washington starting on Saturday, leaving us on the mild—and relatively dry—side of things. Temperatures could reach the plus side of normal both weekend days, with highs creeping into the mid 70s.

Above normal once more? In June, it never gets old.