Sunny Start to Summer

Last year, we got hosed right out of the gate.

This year, we’ll kick off without a drop.

Summer begins early Saturday morning—at 3:51 a.m., to be precise—and unlike in 2013, there’s no big rainmaker to contend with. Instead, the day will dawn on a pleasant note, with morning clouds yielding to full-on sunshine by noon. By early evening, temperatures should warm past 70 degrees, making for a much-improved start to Seattle’s nicest season of the year.

It’s just the waning days of spring that could use a little more Vitamin D.

Gray skies are holding tight over Seattle once again today as lower pressure east of the Cascades helps suck in more clouds from the Pacific. This will lead to another day of cooler-than-average weather, with high temperatures expected to max out in the mid 60s—short of the 70-degree norm for this time of year. Fortunately, we should at least mix in a few sunbreaks later this afternoon.

Sunshine engulfs Seattle on  an early June day. After several days of clouds, blue skies return this weekend.
Sunshine engulfs Seattle on an early June day. After several days of clouds, blue skies return this weekend.

Overnight, we’ll trend partly cloudy, with temperatures dropping into the lower 50s. More clouds then flood in during the morning hours tomorrow, before burning back to the coast in the second part of the day. Highs should actually tick up a couple notches ahead of an approaching front, topping out around 70 degrees.

Light rain clips Western Washington tomorrow night into Friday as the front moves into B.C., leaving us with dribs and drabs of moisture—less than a tenth of an inch of rain is expected in the main Seattle-Everett-Tacoma area. Further north and east, rain totals will be a little more substantial, with up to a quarter-inch near Bellingham and in the foothills.

Behind the front, clouds linger through the rest of Friday, keeping a lid on maximum temperatures. Most of the Sound will only reach the low to mid 60s as spring winds to a close.

And then comes summer. Saturday’s sunny, 70-degree weather will be followed by even warmer conditions on Sunday, as highs inch upward of 75. Monday and Tuesday look equally nice, with morning clouds, afternoon sunshine and temperatures rising into the mid 70s.

Talk about starting off the season on the right foot.