Halloween weather forecast: Dry for first time in a decade

Nothing wicked this way comes.

For the first time in 11 years, scary weather will take a break from haunting Seattle on Halloween, with nary a drop of rain expected as a strong ridge of high pressure remains in control. The ridge—already responsible for several days of rare late October sunshine—will continue to spoil us through the end of the month, with dry conditions and high temperatures in the upper 50s and 60s.

It’s about time Mother Nature frightened someone else.

Every Halloween since 2007 has been marked by rain in Seattle, with an average of 0.38 inches over the past ten years. Only two Halloweens during this time frame—2007 and 2011—escaped with just a trace of precipitation to their name. Most of the rest have been plagued by much more, including 2015, which logged a whopping 1.30 inches—the soggiest Oct. 31 on record in Seattle. And how can we forget last year, when a devilish 0.66 inches fell?

This year, it’s no tricks, only treats, from Mother Nature as Tuesday is expected to dawn on a sunny note—with temperatures hovering near 40 degrees. The mercury should climb to the upper 50s by early evening, with some high clouds drifting by. Temperatures will fall off quickly as the sun sets—dropping to the lower 50s (or upper 40s north of the city) during peak candy-hunting hours. That’s probably warm enough for older kids in full-length costumes to forgo a jacket—but younger ones may need a little extra protection.

As the clock runs out on October, so too does the dry weather, with a steady influx of clouds expected in time for Wednesday morning. By late that afternoon, rain should begin creeping into the region from the north, dampening the skies over Seattle by nightfall. Long-range forecast models then hint at a much colder, wetter pattern taking shape for the remainder of the week.

In other words, you’ll have to wait until November to be frightened. At least by the weather.

Happy Halloween!