It’s over: Seattle’s record dry streak ends at 55 days

It wasn’t much, but it was enough.

0.02 inches of precipitation landed in the rain gauge at Sea-Tac Airport in the midnight hour overnight, officially halting Seattle’s record-breaking dry streak at 55 days. In somewhat suspenseful fashion, the rain began minutes before 12 a.m. and accumulated enough to count as measurable prior to the clock striking 1 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time—or midnight Pacific Standard Time.

The 55-day dry streak that ended late Saturday was the longest on record for Seattle, topping 1951’s mark by four days.

Because all weather records are measured on standard time, the rainfall was actually attributed to Saturday, not Sunday. Had the showers held off until 1 a.m., the streak would have ended at 56 days, rather than 55. But after nearly two months without measurable rain, who’s counting?

Gray skies will continue to hover over the city through most of today, with a renewed threat for rainfall arriving by late morning as a Puget Sound Convergence Zone kicks into gear. While Sea-Tac Airport may be spared, spots from downtown Seattle north to Everett are likely to pick up an additional tenth of an inch or so. In addition, highs will struggle to reach 70–putting the region on the chilly side for once.

Enjoy the cool, damp air!