Like Clockwork

By now, you know the drill.

Several days of cloudy, cool weather—often accompanied by a persistent drizzle—are followed by one sunny, warm day. Then, seemingly as soon as the last rays of sunlight duck behind the horizon, the clouds rush back in—and the next morning dawns cool and gray. Ditto for the following day. And the one after that.

Welcome to June 2012, where the sun don’t shine…much.

Seattle weather--like clockwork
Like clockwork, Seattle's weather of late has become quite predictable, consisting of several cloudy stretches interrupted by a single day of sunshine.

Luckily, for vitamin D-deprived Seattleites, tomorrow will be one of those rare days when the sun is out in full force. With the clear skies will also come warmer temperature—highs on Friday will rise into the lower 70s (a good ten degrees warmer than yesterday’s max of 61). Par the course, however, the day will be the sole sunny one of the next few.

That’s because forecast models have flip-flopped from earlier in the week, when they showed a rather wet system remaining well north of the Canadian border during the weekend. It now looks like some of this moisture, the bulk of which is still aimed at B.C., will slide far enough south to give us some light showers on Saturday morning. A Puget Sound Convergence Zone is also likely to form later in the day, keeping the rainfall going in the Everett area and near the foothills. Highs on Saturday will drop back into the upper 60s under overcast skies.

Sunday will feature continued clouds and highs closer to 60 degrees—certainly not the ideal Father’s Day weather the models were pitching a few days ago. On the bright side—no pun intended—most of the metro area should remain dry, with the best chance of showers to the north of Seattle.

Clouds remain in the forecast for Monday, as a weakening frontal system moves through Puget Sound. And then, lo and behold, the skies are expected to clear in time for Tuesday, with temperatures rebounding to the 70-degree mark.

Who would have guessed?


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