Dry Times Ahead

Really? The rain couldn’t hold off just a little longer?

Very light rain fell in the 11 o’clock hour last night, ruining Seattle’s chances of bagging a completely dry November day for just the second time this month. With a trace of rain officially recorded for Thanksgiving 2012—and .71 inches already today—Nov. 15 remains the month’s sole dry day, having gone from beginning to end without a drop of rain.

Thankfully, it’ll have plenty of company soon.

Dry November days in Seattle
Starting Sunday, dry skies and sunshine are likely in Seattle, with rain staying away until next Wednesday.

Following the passage of this morning’s cold front, which once against resulted in a bout of steady rainfall across Western Washington, things will dry out considerably as we move into the second half of the holiday weekend. After a few more hours of rainfall this afternoon, showers will come to an end around 6 p.m. Skies will stay cloudy overnight, but any precipitation should be confined to the mountains.

The clouds will hang tight on Saturday, but with no fronts lurking off the coast, rain chances will be much lower. A few pop-up showers are likely at times (especially between Seattle and Everett), but for the most part, it’ll be pretty dry—just not Nov. 15 dry.

Then comes Sunday. With a ridge of high pressure setting up over the eastern Pacific, blocking storms from reaching the West Coast, the day should join Nov. 15 as completely rain-free—as in, dry from start to finish. Partly sunny skies are even possible later in the day, after some morning clouds and fog. Highs will cool to the mid 40s.

The November 2012 dry club expands to three as the workweek begins, with dry skies and cooler temperatures expected for Monday as well. In fact, temperatures on Monday morning are likely to bottom out near the freezing mark, thanks to the lack of cloudcover—making for a widespread frost across the Seattle area.

At this point, the dry stretch looks to continue into Tuesday, with the next powerful rainmaker staying at bay until Wednesday. If the weather models are right, that’ll be three rainless days in a row, all in the final week of November—statistically, Seattle’s stormiest period of the year.

Is that an early Christmas present, or what?


    • That’s a great observation–the final week of November 2008 featured only .16 inches of rain, with most of it from fog. We’ll definitely be in a similar pattern the next few days–although some wet weather looks likely for the final days of the month.

      The biggest difference between November ’08 and this month is temperature. November 2008 tied for the third-warmest November at Sea-Tac, whereas this month is running just slightly above normal at this point (1.3 degrees). But there are definitely some similarities right now (especially with rainfall) to 2008–definitely not a bad thing! A repeat of the December 2008 snows would be beyond amazing…

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