Another Wet Veterans Day

It’s Veterans Day, and it’s raining.

Big surprise, considering Nov. 11’s recent soggy past.

Since 2005, it’s rained on every Veterans Day in Seattle—an eight-year stretch of wetness rivaled only by one other November day, the 7th, which also hasn’t recorded a totally dry day since 2004. (Nov. 7’s damp streak almost came to an end last Wednesday, when just a trace of rain fell after sunset at Sea-Tac Airport—the bare minimum necessary to classify the day as wet.)

Rainy Veterans Day in Seattle
In Seattle, stormy skies made for yet another rainy Veterans Day—the eighth in a row. Drier times are in store for the city later this week.

Outside of the 11th and 7th, every other calendar day in November has been dry at least once since 2005—including Nov. 19, which is statistically the most likely day of the year for rain in Seattle. In addition, over half of the days in November (16 of 30) have had a rain-free day since 2010—a testament to the region’s last two Novembers, which were both drier than normal. Unfortunately for Veterans Day, rain has still managed to fall, dry month or not.

The rain currently falling on Veterans Day 2012 will gradually wind down after 11 p.m., moving east into the Cascades. Temperatures will stay mild in the mid 40s—around 15 degrees warmer than Seattle’s 31-degree low on Saturday morning.

Showers will return to the metro area on Monday, with the greatest chance for additional rain later in the day. High temperatures will peak around 50 degrees, with lows dropping to near 40.

Similar temperatures are likely on Tuesday, with bands of showers affecting Seattle throughout the day. Rain chances should continue into early Wednesday, before we finally start to dry out later in the day.

Partly sunny conditions set in for Thursday, with some fog possible in the morning hours. With the next rainmaker not due until Friday, the day should go down as completely dry—much to the chagrin of Veterans Day.

Because Nov. 15 will be dry for the second year in a row. And Nov. 11 can’t even be dry for one.


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