2012 Rainfall

2012 was significantly wetter than normal, with 48.26 inches recorded in the gauge at Sea-Tac Airport—nearly 11 inches above Seattle’s 37.49-inch average. This made for the city’s soggiest year since 2006—and the seventh-wettest year on record at Sea-Tac. However, as damp as it was during the beginning and end, 2012 also featured a near record-breaking dry stretch in the tail end of summer, when no measurable rain fell at the airport for 48 straight days.

Seattle Monthly Rainfall, 2012
Heavy rains during the second half of November made the month 2012’s wettest, with 8.28 inches. While not quite as wet, March and October 2012 were equally impressive, nearly measuring double their average rainfall.

Note: Data from measurements taken at Sea-Tac Airport.