Seattle’s Loyal Clouds

Say what you want about our summertime clouds—gloomy, depressing, reminiscent of a crummy November day, whatever. Just don’t question their loyalty.

Unlike 80-degree weather, which has visited us only once in the past two weeks, the morning clouds have made it to Seattle on plenty of occasions. In fact, fresh off the heels of a South Sound-only stop this morning, they’re due back in the entire metro area tomorrow—all this after a region-wide visit on Monday.

Now that’s what we call a pledge of allegiance.

morning clouds
Morning clouds blanketed the South Sound today, but spared areas from Downtown Seattle northward. Tomorrow, the entire region will be socked in.

The ever-faithful clouds will begin moving in from the Pacific after midnight, engulfing the Western Washington interior by 6 a.m. Not surprisingly, temperatures will cool, with the lack of sunshine preventing us from warming up much during the morning hours. As the clouds burn back toward the coast later in the afternoon, temperatures will creep into the upper 60s—but that’s as warm as we’ll get.

The marine layer returns for Saturday, with cloudy skies again keeping things on the gray side in the morning. The sun should break through around noontime—a couple hours earlier than tomorrow—allowing highs to rise into the low 70s.

The pattern looks to continue Sunday and Monday, with a mix of a.m. clouds and p.m. sun holding our temperatures a notch or two below normal. Unfortunately, for those of you craving hotter temperatures, 80-degree readings don’t look likely anytime soon.

Unless warm weather learns a thing or two about loyalty from our morning clouds.